Keele Radiology Society

Radiology is an essential part of modern medical practice and as such, it is extremely important that medical students become confident in interpreting basic imaging modalities. The speciality is also one of the most exciting and rapidly developing fields in medicine, however, due to the supporting role radiology plays too many other specialities, exposure can be low compared to other disciplines during undergraduate studies. As such this society has two main aims:

  1. Education- Work together with current radiologists and society members to provide high-quality revision and teaching sessions to help medical students become confident with an interpretation of the modalities expected of a junior doctor. We also aim to introduce students to more advanced techniques e.g. Computed Tomography so these become more familiar when seen in the clinical environment.
  2. Exposure and careers support- We aim to increase exposure and interest in Radiology through our events. The society will then act as a hub for those with their newfound interest to participate at an undergraduate level in events, research and career development opportunities.

Whether you just want to become more confident in reading chest x-rays in exams and on the wards or have a deep interest in pursuing a career in Radiology this society has something to offer.  

President: Aiden O'Grady