About iRefer

iRefer is the essential radiological investigation guidelines tool from The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR).

The eighth edition of the guidelines is available online, in booklet format and within  a Clinical Decision Support System delivered by MedCurrent 

iRefer helps referring GPs, radiographers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate imaging investigation(s) or intervention for patients. It provides practical guidance based on the best available evidence.

  • Track record as the source of professional advice to referring GPs, clinicians and other healthcare professionals for  over 20 years
  • Helps ensure patients have timely and accurate diagnoses
  • Guides justification under IR(ME)R
  • Informs decisions about the commissioning of imaging and interventional services
  • About 280 evidenced guidelines
  • Professionally led and internationally recognised

The process used to produce the guidelines was accredited by NHS Evidence of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in June 2010.