Leadership for improvement programme

The RCR Leadership for Improvement Programme (LFIP)

A development programme for aspiring future leaders in clinical radiology, clinical oncology, pathology and medical physics.

This programme aims to prepare the participants for senior leadership roles.  It fosters resilience in order to maximise personal effectiveness in them and in others, and develops participants’ abilities to meet the changing needs of health care. 
It is aimed at mid-career consultants and physicists aspiring to clinical director (or equivalent) roles in the next few years. Participants will be equipped with essential leadership skills that can be directed towards departmental and organisational strategic and operational goals related to effectiveness, patients experience and / or value (cost). It will also professionally develop individuals as future leaders.

This programme is to provide leadership development to those who have a clear career plan to move into clinical director roles or their equivalent in the next few years. The rationale behind the programme is that it will equip new clinical directors with the skills they need before they take up their new roles. 2015/2016 programme participants said of the course:

'The course made me realise that I had 'the backing of my colleagues, a legitimacy that I am capable of moving forwards as Clinical Director' 

'Spending time sharing ideas and problems with my peers and developing an important peer network for the future'

'Inspirational talks by inspirational people'

Please note, the Leadership for Improvement programme is changing for 2018. In order for the programme to meet current demands more effectively, instead of one eight-day programme, the content will be split between a number of one and two-day courses which together will cover all aspects of Leadership for Improvement covered in the current format. Participants can opt to attend as many as they wish each year. Further details and dates will be published soon.

For further information about the courses please email RCR Learning RCRLearning@rcr.ac.uk or telephone 020 7406 5953.