RCR Clinical Fellow: Clinical Radiology Audit Committee

Need and purpose

The aim of the Fellowship would be to provide the opportunity to gain experience in audit and quality improvement from the College as well as providing the College with extra support and assistance in specific areas.

Faculty/specialty and who is eligible

One RCR Clinical Fellow for clinical radiology

The post is open to all Fellows and members of the College in good standing, who hold a current licence to practise in the UK and are in active clinical or research practice. The post is best suited to a trainee.

Time period

Monday 3 April 2017 until Monday 2 April 2018, extendable as required subject to satisfactory progress.

Expected work activities

The Clinical Fellow will:

  • Pursue a project incorporating an element of audit or quality improvement in the context of clinical radiology in the NHS. It would be the intention that there would be involvement in a specified RCR national audit, there are usually two of these per year, and the exact participation could be tailored according to the availability and areas of interest of the fellow.
  • Be involved in reviewing and editing AuditLive templates on the RCR website
  • Contribute to and help with the RCR Audit Forum
  • Contribute to the development of learning resources for QI

Who you would be working with at the RCR

  • Prof. David Howlett, Chair, Clinical Radiology Audit Committee
  • Dr Andrew Smethurst, Nominated RCR lead/support officer

Time commitment/ways of working

In addition to attending the annual Audit Forum (usually in May), the Fellow would be expected to attend all (3 per year) meetings of the Clinical Radiology Audit Committee to provide context of the role. There is likely to be a need to come to the College on occasions for progress meetings and discussions. A provisional time commitment equivalent to one session per week is suggested.


RCR Clinical Fellows are expected to be self-supporting.  This role is not funded but reasonable expenses will be met in accordance with the RCR’s travel and expenses policy. There will be access for the Fellow to RCR audit administration and support staff.

How to apply

Interested Fellows or members are invited to apply by sending in a short CV (maximum three sides A4) and an accompanying statement which should explain their interest in the role and their initial thoughts about the work to be done. The CV and statement should be sent to Diana_Waters@rcr.ac.uk.

The criteria to be used for appointment to this role will be: 

  • Insight into issues around clinical audit and quality improvement in the context of Clinical radiology in the NHS
  • Relevant experience of similar activities or projects that have been developed and delivered on time
  • Evidence of working successfully in project teams, especially teams which are not physically co-located.

This opportunity is subject to general terms and conditions.

Closing date: Friday 17 February 2017