Rohan Williams Travelling Professorship

Most recent and upcoming appointments

  • 2009 UK clinical radiologist visited Australia/New Zealand/Singapore 
  • 2011 Australian/New Zealand clinical radiologist visited the UK  
  • 2013 UK clinical oncologist visited Australia/New Zealand  
  • 2015 Australian/New Zealand clinical oncologist to visit the UK
  • 2017 UK clinical radiologist to visit Australia/New Zealand 
  • 2019 Australian/New Zealand clinical radiologist to visit the UK

List of past Clinical Radiology Travelling Professors

  To visit the United Kingdom
 Year Recipient
2011 Professor D K Varma (Clinical Radiology) 
2003 R M Mendelson (Clinical Radiology)
1995 M S Khangure (Clinical Radiology)
1987 K R Thomson (Radiodiagnosis)
1979 J Syme (Radiodiagnosis)
1975 P Brandt (Radiodiagnosis)
  To visit Australasia
 Year Recipient
2017D P O'Regan (Clinical Radiology)
2009  J A Spencer (Clinical Radiology) 
2001 Professor A K Dixon (Clinical Radiology)
1993 W R Lees (Clinical Radiology)
1985 K C Simpkins (Radiodiagnosis)
1977  J K Davidson (Radiodiagnosis)

A list of past Clinical Oncology Professors is also available.