Kodak Radiology Fund Scholarship


Closing Date: Monday 16 July 2018


An annual scholarship endowed by money generously donated to the College by Kodak Ltd is awarded to a clinical radiologist to undertake a research project or further a radiological interest in the UK or abroad. 


The scholarship is intended for a research or educational project in the United Kingdom or abroad and may be used to assist the undertaking of an MD.

“This was one of the first awards that I received. It provided me with the experience necessary to run and manage complex studies ... It had a direct contribution to my appointment as Senior Lecturer and this experience has formed the foundation of subsequent grant successes/publications in related fields.” (2009 recipient)


Up to £20,000. 


The scholarship is open to members and Fellows of the Faculty of Clinical Radiology holding appointments of any grade in the United Kingdom.

Guidance Notes

All applicants must read the Guidance Notes before applying. 

To apply: 

Applicants will need to submit:

  • A completed application form. The application form requires:
    1. A detailed account of the proposed project including title, purpose, timing, plan of investigation, methods and techniques of study
    2. Details of any co-applicants
    3. A budget plan
    4. Details of two referees, both of which should be consultant clinical radiologists based at different institutions to each other and the applicant.  The referees should be experts in their field and have no connection to either the project or the applicant(s).  The referees will be asked to comment on the merits of the proposed project, NOT the character of the applicant.
    5. Patient public involvement in the project is strongly encouraged, where appropriate. NB: Informal PPI review of an application can be requested through the RCR, prior to submission, (please email: ) provided that the request is made by Monday 11 June 2018. Please allow at least 2 weeks for this to be completed.

  • A brief curriculum vitae.  This should NOT include a photograph of the applicant.
  • Letter(s) of support from the research venue and supervisor

Applications should be submitted to: research@rcr.ac.uk

Assessment procedure

Applications are made in open competition and the Scholarship is awarded by the Academic Committee based on the recommendation of an assessment panel. The decision of the assessment panel is final and binding. The Scholarship will be awarded in two stages; half the money will be awarded to the successful recipient once the final decision has been confirmed and the balance will be paid out upon receipt of the first interim report.​ 

Any enquiries should be sent to research@rcr.ac.uk

A list of past recipients is available.

Please note that an applicant may apply for only ONE of the following awards in any given year:  Kodak Radiology Fund Bursary – Research; Kodak Research Fund Scholarship; Constance Thornton Fellowship; Pump Priming Grant.  The assessment panel reserves the right to move an application into another award category if appropriate.