Quality Improvement

Improving the quality of services is a key requirement within the NHS. As a result, the RCR has added quality improvement projects to our training curricula as an alternative to audit.

Revalidation and quality improvement

Clinical radiologists and clinical oncologists need to demonstrate that they review and evaluate the quality of their work through participation in quality improvement activity.  Audit and other quality improvement activity should reflect the breadth of your professional work over each five-year revalidation period (see our full guidance on revalidation and appraisal).

So what is quality improvement?

Quality improvement is a systematic approach, which uses specific techniques, methods, measurement and strategies to improve one or more of the dimensions of quality healthcare. Quality healthcare can be defined as having six dimensions: safe; effective; patient-centred; timely; efficient; equitable.

  • Safe – avoiding causing harm to patients from care intended to help them.
  • Effective  providing services based on scientific knowledge and which produce a clear benefit.
  • Person-centred providing care that is responsive to and respectful of individuals’ needs and values.
  • Timely – providing care at an appropriate time based on the patient’s medical, psychological and social needs.
  • Efficient – avoiding wasting resources, including that of human endeavour.
  • Equitable  providing care that is based on the patient’s clinical condition not influenced by factors such as their age, ethnicity, or where they live.

Applying quality improvement approaches to healthcare

The RCR has identified a number of existing quality improvement resources, which Fellows and members may wish to make use of. The RCR will also consider whether any specific tools and guidance should be developed to help Fellows and members to implement quality improvement measures into their everyday practice. Existing resources available from other organisations and sites are identified below. This section of the website will be populated with further resources as they become available.

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