Welcome to AuditLive, a collection of audit templates providing a framework identifying best practice in key stages of the audit cycle, covering over 100 radiology topics.  

We are always looking for new material. You are encouraged to submit new templates, especially if you are a trainee, as authorship of audit templates is a valuable addition to your CV.  As a consultant, for a published template you will be awarded three CPD credits as main author and one CPD credit as co-author. Please note that only members and Fellows of the College can submit templates online. However, this does not preclude anyone from the role of lead/co-authorship of a template, as you may ask a colleague, who is an RCR member to submit it on your behalf.

Templates need reviewing and updating on a regular basis. If you have previously submitted a template and would be willing to update it please contact the Data, Audit and Surveys Co-ordinator. If it requires a substantial rewrite, due, for example, to the publication of new standards, 3 CPD credits will be awarded.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before using this resource. Please note that these audit templates use standards which may be derived from local policy, national guidelines or other sources.  They are suggestions only, and are not RCR recommendations. 


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