Dr Stuart Taylor

Dr Stuart Taylor  Stuart_Taylor.png- 2001 RCR Research Fellow

Current position:
Professor of Clinical Radiology
UCL, London, UK

Flying through the colon - the development of computed tomography (CT) colonography - a detailed description of Dr Taylor's research

Personal statement I Publications I Prizes and lectures

The RCR’s funding of my 2002 Research Fellowship project 'To undertake a comparison of the efficacy and acceptability of virtual and conventional colonoscopy' was fundamental to my subsequent career in academic radiology. It allowed me to move from my training scheme into a formal academic post, and crucially to work with an experienced and established academic mentor (Professor Steve Halligan). The provision of such mentorship, together with protected research time, is vital for those wishing to pursue a career in academia and without the funding from the RCR, this would not have been possible for me.

During the Fellowship, I received training in all aspects of radiological research, including ethics application, study design, statistical considerations, paper write up, presentation and grant writing. I was able to use the time to complete an MD thesis awarded by the University of London. I was able to present multiple abstracts (>20) at both national and international conferences including UKRC, ECR, RSNA and Boston VC symposium, and  achieved 12 full peer review publications (excluding reviews), including papers in Radiology and the British Journal of Surgery. After the Fellowship, I completed my specialist training and moved into a consultant post with formal academic sessions. I have subsequently moved to UCL and am now Professor of Medical Imaging.

In summary, I firmly believe the opportunity afforded by RCR Fellowship was fundamental in pursuing my career in academic radiology.