Research awards

The following RCR awards relate to research activity and the Academic Committee oversees their adjudication. The purpose, criteria and previous recipients for each are set out on the individual award pages.

“This grant allowed completion of my first piece of research and was hugely important in career development…...” (2007 recipient)

“As a clinical radiologist with little previous research experience, this bursary has enabled me to develop a multitude of skills which will aid me in my career as both a clinician and researcher………..” (2011 recipient)

“This was one of the first awards that I received. It provided me with the experience necessary to run and manage complex studies ... It had a direct contribution to my appointment as Senior Lecturer and this experience has formed the foundation of subsequent grant successes/publications in related fields.” (2009 recipient)

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An audit report on the grants awarded under the above schemes between 2005-2015 is available.