Medical educator development

The College is pleased to announce a range of training and support to develop you in your role as medical educators.

Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education for Oncology

The College has developed a postgraduate certificate in medical education for oncology, in collaboration with the University of Dundee.

Supervisor skills workshops 

The General Medical Council (GMC) has said that henceforth, all educational and clinical supervisors need to be ‘appropriately trained’ before being allocated named trainees. The Supervisor Skills workshops are designed around the GMC’s requirements. The RCR supervisor training workshops are unique in that they are clinical radiology and clinical oncology specific, and also cover the specific workplace-based assessments in the respective curricula.

Once completed, the supervisor training does not need be repeated, although supervisors will still need to evidence ‘continuing professional development as an educator’ to maintain their GMC recognised supervisor status, and for the purposes of revalidation. In response to this development need, we have introduced two, new cross-faculty workshops:

The Trainee in Difficulty  

The College is delighted to offer Trainee in Difficulty workshops around the UK. These workshops are jointly delivered with the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS). They are designed for anyone who deals first-hand with trainee performance concerns – such as clinical and educational supervisors, College Tutors, Training Programme Directors etc. The workshops are for both clinical oncologists and clinical radiologists.

For further information or to book one of these workshops contact Natalie McGregor on 020 7406 5951.

Training the Trainers 

The Training the Trainers is a two day course for Clinical Oncologists and Clinical Radiologists who wish to maintain their GMC recognised supervisor status. 

The first day of the course covers learning and teaching theories and methods, and the second focuses on teaching in clinical practice and on assessment.The workshops are for both clinical oncologists and clinical radiologists and the two days may be booked separately if required.

For further information and to book one of these workshops contact the PLD team  on 020 7406 5939