RCR oncology workforce census

The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) recognises the importance of accurate and comprehensive workforce data to underpin effective national and local workforce strategies, policies and planning.

The RCR’s primary source of clinical oncology workforce data is its annual workforce census, which captures detailed information on the clinical oncology workforce, workload and operating hours of all NHS cancer centres in the UK. The RCR has carried out workforce censuses annually since 2008, reporting key findings and trends. The Clinical Oncology UK Workforce Census Report 2017 and an infographic highlighting the key messages are available to download.

The census aims to obtain accurate and comprehensive data on the composition of the UK clinical oncology workforce to inform key policy initiatives, for example, early diagnosis of cancer and seven-day NHS services. Effective workforce planning and policy is vital given the ongoing shortage of clinical oncologists in the face of  increasing demands for cancer services, the RCR uses the workforce census data and reports to influence government and healthcare bodies, with responsibility for cancer strategy and cancer workforce planning.

The RCR is enormously grateful to clinical oncology Heads of Service and all NHS staff who have taken time to submit census information and contribute to this important piece of work.