Advisory Appointment Committees (AACs) for HR/Medical Departments

Advisory Appointments Committees (AACs) are interview panels to appoint consultants, specialty doctors and associate specialist posts to NHS Trusts and Health Boards.

There is a statutory requirement for a College representative from the RCR to sit on each AAC panel in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is to ensure that candidates have completed the correct training and are eligible for appointment.

The National Health Services (Appointments of Consultant) Regulations, Good Practice, January 2005, sets out the approach to be taken in appointing NHS doctors posts. The guidance does not apply to Foundation Trusts, however the 2005 Concordat between Medical Royal Colleges and the Foundation Trusts Networks (revised in 2010), recognises the mutal benefits of the AAC process.

Full details of the RCR's process for HR/Medical departments can be found in the following guidance documents.

AAC Process

Guidance for HR/Medical

Top Tips

Please email the AAC team if you have any questions.