As part of its investment in e-learning for Fellows and members, the College is running a series of monthly webinars alternating between oncology and radiology themes. The webinars will be facilitated by leading experts from each specialty and cover various hot topics and essential training issues. The duration of each will be approximately 60 minutes and RCR members will have the opportunity to interact live with speakers and fellow participants. CPD credits will be awarded and for those unable to participate, and recordings will be made available via the previous webinars tab (login is required).

Upcoming webinars

Webinar: QSI: The Manchester experience

Monday 21 October 2019
Led by: Catherine Walsh

Led by Catherine Walsh, Divisional Director of Imaging at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, this webinar explores the Manchester experience of developing engagement within the organisation around the Quality Standard for Imaging.

Aimed at Managers, the webinar will share tips on garnering support within your organisation; developing the engagement of clinical colleagues and staff; how to secure funding; and what qualities to look out for when appointing a quality lead.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions on the steps that Manchester took to pursue the Quality Standard for Imaging.


Webinar: Update on gadolinium based contrast agent issues

Tuesday 5 November 2019
Led by: Dr Giles Roditi

Dr Roditi drafted the recent RCR guidance on gadolinium-based contrast agent administration to adult patients.  This webinar is aimed at all healthcare professionals involved in MRI for adult patients where GBCAs may be used. We will explore the background to the current safety concerns around the use of GBCAs and subsequent regulatory changes. The presentation will outline the background in terms of physiochemical differences between the classes of GBCAs and an account of the issues around the very rare condition Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis, from the elucidation of the link to GBCA administration in patients with advanced renal failure and the subsequent effective eradication of this condition. The more recent concerns regarding gadolinium retention will then be explored and the impact of the most recent regulatory changes discussed. 

There will be the opportunity for questions and a guide on where to discover more about the issues raised.

Webinar: Radiotherapy management of muscle invasive bladder cancer - evaluation of a national cohort

Tuesday 12 November
Led by:Dr Mohini Varughese

Dr Mohini Varughese,  Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Beacon Centre, Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton, led the recently published RCR muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC) audit.  MIBC outcomes have not improved in 30 years, despite clinical trial evidence to indicate better outcomes with utilisation of a variety of manoeuvres.  The webinar will describe current UK practice, comparing this to NICE and RCR guidance, summarise evidence based treatments and highlight areas that we can work towards improving clinical outcome for this group of patients.


Webinar: Learning systems: using data for continuous improvement

Thursday 14 November 2019

Led by: Dr Tricia Woodhead

The fourth of our leadership webinars blends the remaining two topics from the five drivers in NHS report Developing People and Improving Care. These are the developments of support systems for local, regional and national learning and the aligning of regulation and oversight to support improvement.

We will focus on the value of data to achieve learning at any level. We will cover the way to bring together information and audit data so as to ensure that change is an improvement and continuously supports your leadership work.