Imaging for oncology trainees


A recurring theme in ORF trainee surveys in recent years has been the difficulty that many clinical oncology trainees encounter in accessing radiology teaching. In an effort to help trainees, the RCR appointed Dr Nuradh Joseph, specialty registrar at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, as one of the first RCR Clinical Fellows with a specific educational remit: to investigate how the College could best support clinical oncology trainees in this area and to begin the process of developing some learning resources.

Dr Joseph has led this project with the supervision and support of Dr Brendan Carey, Consultant Radiologist in Leeds, Dr Ananya Choudhury, Consultant Clinical Oncologist in Manchester and Dr Lucy Kershaw, MR Physicist in Manchester, to develop what will be the first of a suite of modules focusing on imaging as it relates to clinical oncology training and practice organised by tumour site. The project team included Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna, Chair of the Clinical Oncology Curriculum Committee, and RCR support staff.


Nine modules have been developed in the form of PowerPoint presentations with a recorded voice-over which gives broader information to support the content of the slides. The script of the voice-over is also included in the notes section beneath the relevant slide to enable it to be read as well as listened to. It is intended that further modules will follow and that some short assessments will be added in due course.

Please note the modules listed are currently unavailable.

Imaging in Prostate Cancer 
Imaging in Gynaecological Cancer
Imaging in Oesophageal Cancer
Imaging in Lung Cancer
Imaging in Anal Cancer (Colorectal - anal)
Imaging in Common Adult Brain Tumours
Imaging in Bladder Cancer
Imaging in Mesothelioma 
Imaging of the Nasopharynx
Imaging of the Breast

Modules currently in development

The following modules are in development and will be made available here in due course:

  • Head & neck (Oropharynx)
  • Lymphoma
  • Rectal (Colorectal)
  • Pancreas
  • Spinal

We need your help

The College is looking for volunteers to help with the development of additional modules. If you are a trainee who has completed the First FRCR examination and you have an interest in education as well as a tumour site that is not already in development, please consider volunteering to take the lead in developing a module. Please contact to discuss further. Volunteers would be required to find a local clinical oncology consultant willing to support and advise them in developing the module, as well as a local radiologist. Detailed guidance on what the module should contain, what level it should be pitched at etc will be provided, along with a template presentation.


We would like to hear how useful you find this resource and whether you have any ideas on how it could be further developed. Please send your thoughts to