CO Leadership Team

The Clinical Oncology Leadership Team meets on a monthly basis (except in August) to address and take forward business related to the work of the Faculty, including oversight of the activities included in the Faculty’s Business Plan.


The Clinical Oncology Leadership Team comprises the RCR President, the Medical Director, Membership and Business, the Clinical Oncology Vice-President, the Medical Director for Professional Practice, Clinical Oncology, the Medical Director for Education and Training, Clinical Oncology, the Chief Executive and three Executive Directors.

Further information about the roles and responsibilities of Clinical Oncology Officers and the Senior Management Team.


  • Dr T Roques (Vice President, Clinical Oncology)

Ex Officio

  • Mr D Botha (Executive Director, Business and Resources)
  • Dr R Cooper (Medical Director, Education and Training, CO)
  • Dr J Elford (Medical Director, Membership and Business)
  • Dr K Halliday (President)
  • Ms G Malley (Executive Director, Communications)
  • Mr O Reichardt (Chief Executive)
  • Dr N Thorp (Medical Director. Professional Practice, Clinical Oncology)
  • Ms Vanburen (Executive Director, Education and Professional Practice)