Final FRCR Part A Examination

Purpose of assessment

The Final FRCR (Part A) examination expects candidates to have a wide knowledge of malignant disease and the management of patients with cancer. The main emphasis is on radiotherapy and drug therapy, but a good knowledge of general medicine, surgery and gynaecology is expected.  Candidates are examined against the Specialty Training Curriculum for Clinical Oncology and the syllabus. The Final FRCR Examination Purpose of Assessment statement details the examination's purpose, the required level of candidate training and the application of results. It is hoped that the statement will assist candidates, and those involved in their training, in understanding the scope of the FRCR examination and with relating the examination to other in-training assessments.


The Final FRCR (Part A) examination comprises two papers of 120 single best answer (SBA) questions delivered on a single day twice per year. Further general information on the examination shows in the guidance notes.

Entry requirements

Candidates who have passed the First FRCR examination are permitted to enter the Final FRCR (Part A) examination on completion of three years of supervised clinical oncology training covering the examination syllabus. A pass in the Final FRCR (Part A) examination remains valid, ie permits entry to the Part B examination, for six consecutive sittings, starting from the sitting at which the Part A examination is passed.

How to apply

Applicants should ensure they have read the guidance notes for applicants and the examination regulations before and completing an online application. Frequently asked questions are also available. Applications for the Spring 2018 sitting are now closed.


Dates, fees and venues

The examination is normally held in April and October each year - specific dates and fees information is provided.  A list of the venues being used in the Spring 2018 sitting is provided here.

In Autumn a joint examination for the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists and the Hong Kong College of Radiologists is held.  It is organised by the Hong Kong College and held in Hong Kong.  Dates for the joint examination is provided and the Hong Kong College can be contacted via or +852 2871 8830.

Sample questions, guidance and examiners’ reports

Sample SBA questions, a copy of the answer sheet and a candidate reference sheet are provided, as are instructions for candidates to follow during the examination. Candidates are supplied with the reference sheet for use during the examination; this gives information about normal ranges for investigations, frequently used abbreviations and standard chemotherapy regimes.

The Oncology Registrars' Forum (ORF) have prepared advice for candidates from trainees who have already sat the examination.  The document has been drafted without input from the FRCR examiners and does not necessarily represent their views. Generic examiners' reports are available as a guide to candidates and trainers preparing for future sittings of the examination – these include previous pass rate information from the Final FRCR examinations.

From 2018, the Final Examining Board suggests that candidates prepare for the examination using TNM version 8.  The examiners are, however, aware that previous versions remain in common use around the country and will generally use questions where trainees more familiar with TNM version 7 are still able to answer the questions successfully.