Clinical oncology examiner recruitment

Why become an examiner?

“Being a Part 1 examiner has been one of the most rewarding aspect of my professional career. Sitting together with a wide range of colleagues from all parts of the country and jointly developing a good exam question is not only exciting, but also one of the most meaningful CPD activity I do every year. It is a great way to contribute in the field of oncology and serve the RCR and our patients.”
Dr Niladri Ghosal, Co-Chair of First FRCR


  • You must be an RCR Fellow in good standing unless applying for a specialist examiner role 
  • You must be working in a relevant position in the UK
  • Examiners can only sit on one examination board at a time.

How to apply

Examiner opportunities for clinical oncologists, scientists and statisticians will open in September 2022. Register your interest in becoming an examiner.

Appointment process

Applications are anonymised and ranked by a panel. In some cases, consideration may be given to ensuring a balance of geographical and special interest representation, so if you are not selected one year it is worth applying again.

Conflict of interest

All potential applicants should be aware of the RCR's policy on conflict of interests.