RCR speaker guidelines for face to face events

This page provides information to help you prepare to speak at one of our face-to-face events, covering the following topics:

Learning points
Preparing your presentation
Presentations that are being recorded
Approval of recorded sessions
Patient data
CPD allocation
Audio-visual facilities
Travel and expenses
Declaration of interests

  1. Learning points

These will be included in the delegate pack and on the information pages if your session recording is posted in the CPD video library or on the e-learning hub. Please ensure that your session enables delegates to achieve these learning points.

Presentations should begin and end with a summary of the key learning points.

For guidance, an example is available on our website.

  1. Preparing your presentation
  • Caution should be exercised about the use of jargon which should be appropriate for the intended audience.
  • Sans-serif fonts such as Arial should be used for PowerPoint presentations.
  • Avoid overcrowding slides.
  • Highlight key data in busy tables or present a summary rather than all of the data
  • Make your presentation as accessible as possible.

For presentations that are being recorded

  • Arrows and markers should be added to images on slides to indicate areas of interest. This allows people watching lecture recordings on the website to follow the lecture more easily.
  • If the presentation includes a number of scans/images, a title or a note in the notes section of these slides should be added to identify the object in the image. This helps the web team to ensure that the slides appear at the correct time during the talk when published on the RCR CPD video library or e-learning hub.
  1. Approval of recorded sessions

If your lecture is selected to be included on the RCR CPD video library and e-learning hub, you will be sent a link for you to review your lecture and request any necessary amendments to your slides. This needs to be completed within 2 weeks of receiving the web link; otherwise your presentation may be uploaded without corrections.

There will be a statement making it clear that all views expressed in the presentation are yours rather than those of the RCR.

  1. Copyright

Please ensure that you read the guidance document “Use of copyright material in educational resources”

It is essential that you check your presentation for any copyright issues as failure to comply may result in legal action against the RCR.

  1. Patient data

It is essential that presentations do not include any text or images that might identify a patient. You can use photographic or radiological images of patients created in your place of work as long as they are fully anonymised and patients are not identifiable from the images or any data files attached.  This means not only removing their name and date of birth from the actual image, but also any identifiers such as NHS/ hospital number, hospital name, doctors name, etc. from any metadata file attached.

  1. CPD allocation

All speakers who prepare a session and deliver it at an RCR event can claim three CPD credits in line with the RCR CPD Scheme  If you stay for the remainder of the event, you can also claim CPD credits for participation.

The link to the self reflective and impact forms will be sent out shortly after the meeting.

  1. Audio-visual facilities

A laptop with PowerPoint facilities and laser pointer will be provided as standard. 

If you need an internet connection, audio speakers or a Mac connection please let the RCR Conference Officer managing the meeting know at least one week in advance.

If you are intending to use your own MacBook to present, please ensure you bring the correct adaptor with you.

An audience response (voting/polling) system is available to be added to any PowerPoint presentation. This will allow you to add direct audience interactions, getting them to vote on questions and displaying the results in real time. Please contact the Conference Officer managing the meeting as early as possible if you would like to incorporate live polling into your presentation.

  1. Travel and expenses

Travel and expenses will be paid in line with the RCR’s Travel and expenses policy

To clarify:

  • You will not need to pay to attend the event for the day on which you are speaking
  • We will consider requests for overnight accommodation in relation to your planned session time and the duration of your journey and not the start time of the event.
  • Honoraria are not paid to speakers.
  • Locum fees for backfill are not paid
  • Additional expenses not covered in the policy will not be paid
  1. Declaration of interests

All speakers must complete the declaration of interests that will be sent to them prior to the event at which they are speaking. If you have a conflict of interest you must include a slide at the beginning of your presentation (for which we will provide a template) and make an oral statement.