Joining UOSA

Bringing together medical students with an interest in oncology

In May 2019 the RCR launched the Undergraduate Oncology Societies Association (UOSA). Undergraduate oncology societies from all UK medical schools are welcome to submit an application to become affiliated with the RCR.  


The overarching objective of UOSA is to increase the oncology knowledge base of medical students in the UK, ensuring that on day one junior doctors have the necessary competences to deal with patients with cancer.

UOSA will aim to achieve this by:

  • Bringing together medical students from around the UK who share an interest in oncology and encouraging collaboration between them.
  • Encouraging and supporting the creation of undergraduate oncology societies in all UK medical schools.
  • Empowering those societies with the tools to educate their own members and fellow students in the basics of oncology by:
    • signposting or providing access to useful teaching and learning resources;
    • providing access to a network of enthusiastic clinical oncologists who are willing to speak at society events or lead teaching; and
    • holding an annual meeting for students interested in a career in oncology.
  • Increasing awareness of clinical oncology as a specialty by providing careers information and materials to societies.

Benefits of joining UOSA

Membership is free and as a member of UOSA your society will:

  • Be given a dedicated page on the RCR’s website to advertise your society and your events
  • Be allowed to use the RCR’s logo on your society materials
  • Get priority invitation to the RCR’s annual undergraduate oncology day
  • Have access to support and advice from the RCR and a network of clinical oncologists
  • The opportunity to be named RCR’s Undergraduate Oncology Society of the Year

How to join

To join you need to complete the application form which includes a Memorandum of Understanding which must be signed on behalf of your society and provide some text and images for us to enter onto your society webpage using the society webpage template. All documents should be returned by email to

The link to your webpage will be sent with your confirmation of membership.


If you have any questions please get in touch by email to 

We look forward you to welcoming you into UOSA and the RCR.