Join the Steering Committee

Help the RCR in its mission to raise awareness of oncology among medical students

The RCR’s Clinical Oncology Undergraduate Steering Committee annually invites a medical student to join its membership to help inform and shape its work. 

The committee

The steering committee membership currently consists of:

  • Undergraduate lead and chair of the committee
  • Five clinical oncology consultants actively involved in undergraduate education
  • Four clinical oncology trainees actively involved in undergraduate education
  • Undergraduate medical student 
  • The RCR’s Training and Education Manager

It is responsible for the following activities:

  • Working to increase the amount of oncology that is taught in medical schools, including looking for new and innovative ways of delivering that teaching.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of oncological knowledge for all doctors from the start of their careers.
  • Raising awareness of the specialty of clinical oncology among medical students and promoting it as an attractive career option.
  • Supporting undergraduate oncology societies in UK medical schools.
  • Planning and delivering the RCR’s annual undergraduate oncology day.
  • Awarding the RCR’s undergraduate prizes and bursaries

We need you!

The committee exists to help medical students and the best way to do this is to have a student voice within the group.

Joining the committee presents a significant opportunity to be involved in and to help set the strategic activities the RCR undertakes to expand the awareness of oncology as a discipline and career in UK medical schools.

What will it involve?

If appointed you would be expected to attend the committee’s meetings which take place 2-3 times per year, as and when required in London, and to participate in email discussions between meetings. If unable to attend the meetings in person, videoconference or teleconference can be used.

You will actively contribute to the discussions and have an opportunity to participate in working groups to:

  • Raise awareness among medical students of the critical role of non-surgical oncology in healthcare, its appropriate use and limitations;
  • Raise awareness of the specialty of clinical oncology among medical students and to promote it as an attractive career option; and to
  • Plan and deliver the RCR’s 2021 Undergraduate Oncology Day.

How to apply

Applications for 2019 has closed. The next round will open in June 2020

Term of office

The term of office for members will be twelve months starting from 1 September 2020. 

Am I eligible?

To apply you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently studying at a UK medical school
  • In Year 3 or above
  • Have a demonstrable interest in oncology


If you have any enquires or would like more information about the role email