Statistical summary of previous rounds

Recruitment and selection into Clinical Oncology training posts became centrally coordinated in 2010.  In 2010 and 2011 only posts in England and Wales were included.  Northern Ireland joined the process in 2012 and Scotland in 2013.

Below is a statistical summary of each recruitment round from 2010 onwards (note: in 2010 only one round was held, in subsequent years there have been two rounds).  This table will be updated with data from each round as it becomes available.  If you would like further information about previous rounds please email.


Posts available



Posts filled


Fill rate (NTNs)
2011 R141/1095825139/195%
2011 R215/930271515/0100%
2012 R133/2011599 6833/13100%
2012 R217/1533302015/088%
2013 R1*43/221501098743/14100%
2013 R220/1642 372420/3100%
2014 R140/3114412810740/30100%
2014 R212/1648433112/9100%
2015 R162/131311169353/585%
2015 R230/1232271715/036%
2016 R169/21161079856/079%
2016 R229/22415107/023%
2017 R170/21151028959/081%

2017 R2

2018 R151/112311810051/0100%
2018 R217/141332617/0100%
2019 R152/013512710852100%
2019 R224/05343262396%
2020 R147/217016211847/2100%


*Note: Applicant numbers increased significantly in 2013 Round 1 resulting in shortlisting having to be carried out for that round.  A total of 37 applicants were shortlisted out as a result.  Interview capacity was subsequently increased in 2014 and shortlisting was not required.