Keith Durrant Memorial Fellowship



Endowed in 1994, by donations from family, friends and others in memory of the late Dr Keith Durrant, this biennial Fellowship enables clinical oncologists to gain further experience or training. 


This biennial Fellowship is for senior clinical oncology specialist registrars or recently appointed consultants to visit departments in the UK or abroad to gain further experience or training.  Please note that due to current COVID19 restrictions the proposed study project could be undertaken in the specialist registrars or consultant's local department if permitted.


Up to £3,000. 


​Clinical oncology specialist registrars in year 4 or above or first year consultants. 

To apply

Applicants should submit: their CV; proposed study project; budget plan; and letter(s) of support before the deadline. Applications are made in open competition and the Fellowship is awarded by the Specialty Training Board based on the recommendation of an assessment panel. Read about previous previous recipients experiences.

A list of previous Fellows is available.

All enquiries and applications should be sent to