Audit and QI Poster Competition

About the competition

Lead authors of audit posters displayed at the annual RCR Clinical Oncology Audit and Quality Improvement (QI) Conference are awarded three CPD credits and co-authors one. First and second prize winners receive cheques. Abstracts of all posters accepted for display are published as a supplement in the journal Clinical Oncology.

Abstract submission for 2018 has now closed. The competition will take place at the Clinical Oncology Audit and Quality Improvement Conference on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at the RCR, where accepted posters will be displayed and judged. The rules of the competition are available for 2018.

Prize-winning posters  

2017First prize

Regional audit of surgical dates in relation to patients receiving short course pre-operative radiotherapy for a rectal cancer diagnosis
Miss Lucy Davidson et al

 Second prizeImproving the reporting of inpatient deaths in an oncology department
Dr Amy Taylor et al
2016First prize

The peninsula multi-centre head & neck cancer audit: Time from surgery to post-operative radiotherapy
K Chiu, S Mant, T Norris, I Fraser, S Bell, D Dimitroyannis, M Collinson, A Roy, G Cogil, C Hamilton, D Hwang

 Second prizeUnilateral neck radiotherapy for tonsillar squamous cell carcinomas
D Maskell, K.T. Jayaprakash, K Sisson, T.W. Roques, K Geropantas
2015First prize

Image-guided brachytherapy for cervix cancer at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH)
L Harihar, RJ Wade, D Biswas and V Currie

 Second prize

Starting priority radiotherapy treatments more quickly
D Holyoake, G Barnett, R Benson, S Jefferies, J Chapman, K Skilton, N Twyman, K Walker, M Williams.

2014First prizeReducing the Door to Needle Time for Antibiotics in Suspected Neutropenic Sepsis Using a Dedicated Clinical Pathway
A Williams, C Candish, C Ayrton, G Naylor, S Lam and R Counsell

Second prize

Audit of Radiographer Led Plan Selection in Imaged Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy (IGART) for Bladder Cancer
S Hafeez, H McNair, K Warren-Oseni, V Hansen and R Huddart
2013First prizeAn Audit of Imaging in Patients Diagnosed with Early Prostate Cancer
X Y Jiang, J Frew and K Anderson 
 Second prizeAre Therapeutic Radiographers Able to Achieve a Clinically Acceptable Match for Stereotactic Lung Radiotherapy Treatment (SBRT)?
J Hudson, F McDonald, M Ahmed, C Doolan, J Balyckyi and H McNair 
2012First prizeRe-audit of Radical Radiotherapy Outcomes for Medically Inoperable Early NSCLC in Northern Ireland
P McCloskey, J O’Hare, G G Hanna and J McAleese
 Second prizeMortality Following Palliative Radiotherapy – Are We Over-Using Fractionated Treatments?
S J Treece and C R Jephcott 
2011First prizeAudit of Acute Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) Toxicity in Head and Neck Cancer Patients at Velindre Cancer Centre 2009-10
T Rackley, S Gwynne, N Palaniappan, J Mathlin, R Maggs, C Jordan, L Moss and M Evans 
 Second prizeAudit of Concurrent Chemo-Radiation: EBRT and HDR Brachytherapy in Locally Advanced Carcinoma of the Cervix
J Forrest, J Bostock, D Ingham and P Bliss 
2010 First prizeAudit of Febrile Neutropaenic Episodes in Patients Undergoing High Dose Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer at the Christie Hospital
R Conroy, S Kennedy, L Warrander, K Lee, C Tetlow, J Loncaster and V Misra 
 Second prizeAn Audit of Abdomino-Perineal Excision (APE) in Patients with Low Rectal Cancer in the SW London Cancer Network 
M Phan, J Evans, G Brown and D Tait 
2009First prizeEvaluation of Cardiac Toxicity Related to Capecitabine Chemotherapy: Single Centre Audit of Local Practice
J Coote, A McPartlin, K Lee and V Misra
 Second prizeAudit of Head and Neck Set-Up Accuracy in Radical Head and Neck Radiotherapy
T Guerrero Urbano, M Khaira, E Larbi and S Whitaker