Clinical Oncology Audit and Quality Improvement Poster Competition Rules

Clinical Oncology Audit and Quality Improvement Poster Competition 2019

Competition Rules


The 2019 Audit and Quality Improvement (QI) Poster Competition will be held at RCR19, 14-16 October 2019.  Audit/QI poster submissions should describe the audit/QI process.

Audit abstracts and posters must include the title; background to the audit; standards, indicators and targets; methodology; results of first audit round; first action plan and references. Results of second audit round and second action plan should be included whenever possible.

QI abstracts and posters must include the title; background; methods; intervention; results and conclusions. Abstracts may include a chart/table.

Please note that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits (three for the lead author, one for each co-author) are awarded for authorship of ePosters displayed at RCR19.



  1. All abstracts must be submitted through The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) website
  2. The first or second named author of an abstract/ePoster must be a Fellow/member of the RCR. Please note that radiographers, physicists and others are encouraged to contribute as authors and do not need to be Fellows/members of the RCR.
  3. All correspondence relating to audit/QI abstracts will be undertaken by email with the first named author. Please ensure that any changes to correspondence email addresses or primary hospital/affiliation are made to your main or guest RCR account.
  4. The deadline for submission of audit/QI abstracts is 12 noon on Friday 12 April 2019. Abstracts received after this time will not be accepted for judging. Entrants will be advised no later than Friday 31 May 2019 whether or not their abstracts have been accepted for display at RCR19 taking place 14-16 October 2019 at the ACC Liverpool.
  5. Authors of audit abstracts must also submit an audit template (based on the abstract but omitting results) to the RCR online audit template resource Audit Library. However, please note that the acceptance or otherwise of your template for publication on Audit Library will not affect the result of your poster competition entry.


  1. Authors should read the guidance on preparing an abstract and ePoster provided by the Clinical Oncology Quality Improvement and Audit Committee (COQIAC). Audit abstracts are limited to 1500 characters from the `Background to the audit' field to the ‘Second Action Plan' field inclusive. QI abstracts are limited to 2550 characters from ‘background’ to ‘conclusions’ inclusive. This character limit will be enforced electronically when submitting. Authors will see a character count in the bottom of the submission module. All fields marked with * must be completed.
  2. The title of the audit/QI project on the ePoster should be the same as the title on the submitted abstract. The hospital/Trust named on the ePoster should be the one named on the submitted abstract, and ideally, should be where the audit/QI project was undertaken.
  3. By submitting an abstract, the authors confirm that the abstract is their own original work, is not defamatory or unlawful and does not infringe anyone else’s rights.
  4. No amendments or additions to abstracts or authors can be made through the RCR website once your abstract has been submitted. Any changes that you wish to be considered before the closing date please email the Data, Audit and Surveys Co-ordinator.
  5. Please note that no changes will be accepted after the Friday 12 April submission deadline. Please ensure that all information is correct and all authors are listed when submitting.
  6. All submissions are subject to proof reading and editing.


  1. On submission of the abstract, the first named author must ensure that he/she has the approval and a copyright assignment from any/all other authors and contributors involved in the work in order to ensure that the copyright can be assigned to the RCR.
  2. The abstracts accepted for poster display will be published in a Clinical Oncology digital supplement published by Elsevier. If you do wish for your abstract to be published please indicate this on the submission module when submitting your abstract. If you do indicate your wish for your abstract to be published, your contact details will be passed to Elsevier who will contact you directly regarding copyright.
  3. All accepted abstracts and PDFs of posters will be published on the public area of the RCR website. All abstract authors must assign copyright for the abstract and poster to the RCR before this can take place. You will be asked to give consent during the submission process. Please indicate that you are happy to assign copyright to the RCR in the terms and conditions section of the abstract submission form.

Attendance at RCR19

  1. In order for an ePoster to be eligible for the competition, one of the named authors must be a registered paying delegate for at least one day of RCR19.  Registrations must be received by Sunday 30 June 2019 and failure to register will result in the poster being withdrawn from the competition. Please note that if any listed author is speaking at RCR19, another author must register to attend.
  2. Individuals can register on the RCR website or by post to Professional Learning and Development, The Royal College of Radiologists, 63 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3JW.
  3. Hotel expenses, travel expenses and speakers’ fee will not be paid or reimbursed to any author accepted for ePoster display.


  1. A PDF of accepted posters must be submitted to the SciGen submission website by Monday 2 September 2019. Failure to provide a PDF will result in the abstract being withdrawn from the competition. Your contact details will be passed to SciGen so that they can email you a link to submit your poster.
  2. All ePosters will be presented at the meeting in an electronic format (giant itablets), the RCR19 app and RCR website.
  3. The RCR logo or crest must not be displayed on or included on the ePoster image and any ePoster containing the RCR logo will not be displayed and will not be published on the app or website.
  4. The winning ePoster will be displayed as a hard copy poster at RCR19 (which will be printed by the RCR).
  5. You may be invited to give a five minute presentation of your poster. Please indicate if this is of interest when submitting your poster. Authors are encouraged to be available to discuss their abstract with meeting delegates but this is optional and they should inform the Data, Audit and Surveys Co-ordinator if there is a day and time they will be available; delegates will then be advised of the time, date and location through the event app.


  1. Audit/QI ePoster abstracts will be assessed by judges appointed from members of COQIAC.
  2. Audit/QI ePosters will be assessed by judges appointed from members of COQIAC. The judges will preview the posters in advance of the meeting.
  3. To avoid any conflict of interest, judges will not score abstracts or ePosters submitted by themselves or by colleagues employed by the same organisation.
  4. The decision of the judges is final.


  1. The winner of the Audit and QI ePoster Competition will receive a cheque to the value of £280. The second prize winner will receive a cheque to the value of £70. Cheques will be written in the name of the lead author.
  2. Notices will be placed on the RCR19 app and RCR website to note the winning ePosters.