Security – Staff ID [QSI Ref: XR-104]


Departmental security – staff identification (ID).


All staff should wear identification badges so that:

• Patients and staff will know with whom they are dealing

• Visitors (and others who are not staff members) will be more easily identified and, if needs be, challenged

• Improved monitoring of departmental security both in and out-of-hours is possible

The Cycle

The Standard

All members of staff in the Department of Clinical Radiology (employed or voluntary) and all official visitors should be wearing hospital-approved identification badges which are in date, in view, and legible.



Assess local practice


Percentage of staff and official visitors who are wearing hospital-approved identification badges which are in date, in view and legible.

Data items to be collected

• This is a blitz or sprint audit

• All staff should be surveyed at a random time and date

• All staff levels (clerks, secretaries, porters, radiographers, doctors, nurses) should be surveyed and also official visitors

• No warning should be given and the audit can occur in or out-of-hours

Suggested number

All staff (employed or voluntary) and all official visitors in the department at the time of the blitz audit.

Suggestions for change if target not met

• Make sure that the ID policy requirements are widely known

• Make sure that locum staff and visitors are given IDs

• All visitors should be encouraged to report to departmental reception for allocation of visitor ID badges (booked in and out)

• The ID policy should be part of the induction process for all staff

• Senior staff should take on the responsibility of ensuring that their staff are wearing their IDs at all times

• All staff should be encouraged to challenge courteously non-ID-wearing personnel - particularly out-of-hours

• Warn visitors and locums in their appointment letters that they will be expected to wear an ID badge


• Simple proforma

• Audit officers to carry out the blitz audit (2 hours)

• Analyse and prepare the results for presentation (1 hour)


  1. National Association of Health Authorities & Trusts. National Association of Health Authorities & Trusts. Security Manual. London: NAHAT, 1992:134–43.

Editors Comments

Some hospitals now incorporate security access devices in ID badges. This greatly improves the number of staff wearing badges as they are otherwise unable to access the secure areas.

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Taken from Clinical Audit in Radiology 100+ recipes RCR 1996, updated by CRASC 2007, CRAC 2014 and P Mehrotra 2020

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Monday 7 January 2008