Bone Scan Image Quality Audit


Image quality of bone scans.


Suboptimal images can affect the accuracy of a report and lead to errors. The regular use of an image quality checklist (see Resources), can identify image quality problems (technical or processing) that can then be addressed to improve the accuracy of reporting.

The Cycle

The Standard

All bone scan images should meet all the relevant criteria for the particular request.

1. Delayed only, 2 or 3 phase?

2. If 2/3 phase, correct areas covered?

3. If 2/3 phase, timing indicated?

4. If SPECT or SPECT-CT images taken, are sites appropriate?

5. For whole body scan, must show adequately:

• Chest

• Pelvis

• Shoulders

• Lower limbs at least to knees

• Skull

• C-spine

• T-spine

• L-spine

• SI joints




Assess local practice


Percentage of images which meet all the criteria set out in the checklist for assessing bone scan images (see Resources).

Data items to be collected

• Assess retrospectively a randomly selected sample of investigations

• Record the percentage of bone scans which meet the standard

• For each investigation, record whether or not it meets each of the criteria set out in the standard

Suggested number

30 examinations, randomly selected.

Suggestions for change if target not met

- Identify underlying problems

- Seek Medical Physicist’s advice if image quality issue

For example with:

   • Servicing of equipment  

  • Post-processing of images

- Consider the need for targeted CPD


• Checklist for image quality

• RIS-PACS for images and Electronic Requests

• Radiographer (4 hours)


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