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Listed below are meetings organised by the RCR and external organisations.

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 April 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Breast MRI Study Day26 Apr
Hands On Ultrasound - Scotland28 Apr - 2 May
Cancer Imaging Perspectives28 Apr
Musculoskeletal intervention29 Apr
Two Day CT Colonogrpahy workshop for Radiologists29 Apr - 30 Apr
 May 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
Scottish Breast Radiology Forum - Annual Meeting1 May
Management and radiology - a guide to current and future management issues in radiology2 May
The Breast Course 20144 May - 7 May
Anatomy4FRCR - Neuro / Head & Neck4 May
The Intra-articular Therapy Course7 May - 8 May
Trainee in Difficulty Training Day8 May
Imaging in infectious diseases8 May
Society of Radiologists in Training Annual Conference8 May - 9 May
4th Essential Stroke Imaging Course10 May
British Nuclear Medicine Society Annual Spring Meeting 201411 May - 14 May
Anatomy4FRCR - Cardio-Thoracic11 May
From audit to quality improvement: broader perspectives12 May
Radiology Information Systems & PACS13 May
Acute Trauma Imaging15 May - 16 May
RCPE Symposium: Dermatology15 May
Gynaecology study day16 May
Carotid Ultrasound Course - Wessex Scientific17 May
Automated Breast Ultrasound Workshop17 May - 18 May
Anatomy4FRCR - GI / GU18 May
Midlands Lower Limb Revascularisation Course (for ST trainees 3+)19 May - 21 May
CT Colonography Interpretation Course for Radiologists19 May - 21 May
Radiotherapy - meeting the current and future workforce challenges for patient care in a changing co19 May
Supervisor Skills in Clinical Radiology Training Days 201419 May
Imaging Update Italy 201420 May - 22 May
CT Colonography Interpretation Course for Radiologists21 May - 23 May
Global Health Day - International Oncology and Radiology21 May
Practical Image Guided Gynaecological Brachytherapy22 May
Anatomy4FRCR - MSK25 May
Faculty of Occupational Medicine ASM28 May
Operating Department Practitoners/Threatre Staff29 May - 30 May
 June 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
CT Principles, Technology & Practice in PET/CT and SPECT/CT2 Jun - 3 Jun
Hands-On Ultrasound2 Jun - 6 Jun
Supervisor Skills in Clinical Radiology Training Days 20143 Jun
Keele Leadership Development Programme for Clinicians (Module 2- Advanced)3 Jun - 4 Jun
Molecular radiotherapy dosimetry4 Jun
First, do not harm in clinical radiology4 Jun
ESER Annual Scientific Meeting 20144 Jun - 6 Jun
Liver/Abdominal MBT5 Jun - 6 Jun
PET*MRI Course5 Jun
4th ESUR Teaching Course on Prostate MRI6 Jun - 7 Jun
Leicester on call radiology course7 Jun - 8 Jun
Leicester On Call Radiology Course7 Jun - 8 Jun
3D/ 4D Ultrasound Course - Wessex Scientific7 Jun
UKRC 2014 - Annual Joint UK Radiological Congress9 Jun - 11 Jun
Safe and compassionate health and social care in Wales: next steps for policy on standards, governan10 Jun
4th Hull vascular CT Course10 Jun
The health and social care workforce: next steps for integration, staffing levels and training11 Jun
ESTI 2014 - Annual Scientific Meeting12 Jun - 14 Jun
Instructional Course in Hand Radiology13 Jun
Brighton MRI16 Jun - 20 Jun
Optimisation in CT18 Jun
Endovascular Aneurysm Repair Planning19 Jun - 20 Jun
Siemens Healthcare syngo.via MR Basic Training19 Jun
3rd Cardiff Cadaveric Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Intervention Course (CCUMIC)20 Jun - 21 Jun
Supervisor Skills in Clinical Radiology Training Days 201420 Jun
3rd Cardiff Cadaveric Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Intervention Course (CCUMIC)20 Jun - 21 Jun
17th Radiologists Golf Challenge20 Jun
Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (KCL SCMR Level I )23 Jun - 25 Jun
Infant Hip Ultrasound Update course23 Jun
West Dorset Infant Hip Ultrasound Course24 Jun - 26 Jun
Mellanby Centre Training Course: Diagnostic Tests for Osteoporosis - Identification of Vertebral Fra24 Jun
Training The Trainers 2 day workshop24 Jun - 25 Jun
Siemens Healthcare syngo.via CT Cardiac Training24 Jun
Siemens Healthcare syngo.via CT Vascular Training25 Jun
Siemens Healthcare syngo.via CT Colon Training26 Jun
13th International Congress on Pediatric Pulmonology (CIPP XIII)26 Jun - 29 Jun
Leeds Tumour Ablation Study Day27 Jun
1st North West Cardiac MRI Study Day27 Jun
Siemens Healthcare syngo.via CT Oncology Training27 Jun
4th IDKD Intensive Course in Hong Kong, Musculoskleletal Diseases28 Jun - 30 Jun
Cardiac CT - Level 1 and 230 Jun - 4 Jul
Symposium Mammographicum 201430 Jun - 1 Jul
Oxford On Call/Emergency Radiology Course30 Jun - 1 Jul
 July 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
Next steps for cancer care: commissioning, integration, research and improving outcomes1 Jul
Oxford MRI Course2 Jul - 4 Jul
AIRP: Musculoskeletal Imaging Categorical course3 Jul - 4 Jul
Rad-Path Correlation Categorical Course: Musculoskeletal Imaging3 Jul - 4 Jul
ICIS interactive - Masterclass in Imaging of Gynaecological Cancers3 Jul
BIR East of England Branch meeting: Oncology Hot Topics5 Jul
ePIC 2014, the 12th international ePortfolio and Identity Conference9 Jul - 11 Jul
Keele University: Medical Science (Leadership and Management) Postgraduate Certificate14 Jul - 18 Jul
The British MRI Course (New Zealand)14 Jul - 18 Jul
2nd International Workshop on PROSTATE mpMRI READING & MRI-guided PROSTATE BIOPSIES16 Jul - 17 Jul
2nd Guerbet Southern MRI Seminar19 Jul
Aunt Minnie - Neuroradiology for FRCR 2B23 Jul
Aunt Minnie - FRCR 2B Course24 Jul - 25 Jul
 August 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists NZ Branch ASM1 Aug - 3 Aug
 September 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
Barts and The London FRCR 2B Revision Course4 Sep - 5 Sep
Birmingham Women's Hospital Fetal Cardiology Course4 Sep - 5 Sep
Fetal and Women's Imaging 2014: Advanced OB-GYN Ultrasound5 Sep - 7 Sep
Cambridge FRCR 2B Course6 Sep - 7 Sep
RCR Annual Scientific Meeting8 Sep - 10 Sep
MRI Workshop: Taster Sessions8 Sep - 9 Sep
Early Pregnancy and Gynaecological Ultrasound8 Sep - 9 Sep
The American Society of Emergency Radiology 2014 Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course in Trauma10 Sep - 13 Sep
East Midlands FRCR 2B Course11 Sep - 13 Sep
CT Colonography11 Sep - 12 Sep
Intensive Breast Ultrasound: A Histopathologically Based Approach to Diagnostic and Screening US11 Sep - 14 Sep
South Thames FRCR 2B Course11 Sep
18th DUBAI FRCR 2B COURSE12 Sep - 13 Sep
Luton and Dunstable FRCR 2b course13 Sep - 14 Aug
Newcastle and Northumbria FRCR 2b Course16 Sep - 17 Sep
Sheffield FRCR 2B Course17 Sep - 19 Sep
Radiology Review Courses FRCR 2B Course18 Sep - 19 Sep
PREACH Course - Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, Autumn 201418 Sep - 19 Sep
Radiology Review Courses Rapid Reporting Course20 Sep
Sheffield Rapid Reporting Course20 Sep - 21 Sep
South West (Bristol) FRCR Courses20 Sep - 23 Sep
Royal Free FRCR 2B Course20 Sep - 21 Sep
NASCI 2014 Annual Meeting20 Sep - 23 Sep
Assessing the Assessors Course22 Sep - 23 Sep
7th IDKD Intensive Course in Greece on Musculoskeletal Diseases25 Sep - 28 Sep
ESHNR 2014 - 27th congress and refresher course25 Sep - 27 Sep
Royal Free Rapid Reporting Course27 Sep
Society of Computer Body Tomography and Magnetic Resonance 37th Annual Course27 Sep - 1 Oct
Two Day CT Colonography workshop for Radiologists30 Sep - 1 Oct
Keele Clinical Management and Leadership Course for SAS Doctors30 Sep - 1 Oct
Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer 10th Anniversary Conference: Working Together30 Sep
 October 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
Hybrid Imaging2 Oct - 3 Oct
Have you thought of a Career in Radiology?3 Oct
Keele Clinical Management and Leadership Course for Diagnostic Specialties6 Oct - 8 Oct
Acute Trauma - with clinical lead Mariano Scaglione8 Oct - 9 Oct
MRI Radiographers8 Oct - 10 Oct
The 14th International Cancer Imaging Society Meeting & Annual Teaching Course9 Oct - 11 Oct
Golden Helix Symposium: Pharmacogenetics10 Oct
British Society of Neuroradiologists Annual Conference10 Oct - 11 Oct
Keele Leadership Development Programme for Clinicians (Module 1)14 Oct - 15 Oct
Imaging of the small and large bowel16 Oct
4th Guerbet Cardiac MRI Seminar17 Oct
Supervisor Skills in Clinical Radiology Training17 Oct
Neuroimaging Dublin20 Oct - 22 Oct
BIR Annual Congress 201422 Oct - 23 Oct
Liver Imaging23 Oct
 November 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
2nd Vascular & Interventional Radiology Course 1st & 2nd November 20141 Nov - 2 Nov
5th Advanced MRI Workshop1 Nov
Supervisor Skills in Clinical Radiology Training3 Nov
Liver / Abdominal MBT6 Nov - 7 Nov
Best of the Big Apple OB-GYN Ultrasound 20147 Nov - 9 Nov
Role of the radiologist in investigating cardiac chest pain7 Nov
Southend MSK Ultrasound Study Day8 Nov
Southend MSK Ultrasound Study Day - Intensive Hands on Course8 Nov
12th Annual London Multi-Disciplinary Team Head & Neck Imaging Course11 Nov - 13 Nov
The 3rd Meeting of the EAU Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI)13 Nov
Error, revalidation and pitfalls13 Nov
Supervisor Skills in Clinical Radiology Training18 Nov
MRI For Radiographers26 Nov - 28 Nov
 December 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
National Diagnostic Imaging Symposium 20147 Dec - 11 Dec
Lahore, Pakistan FRCR IIB Preparatory Course23 Dec - 24 Dec
 January 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Maternal-Fetal Imaging 2015: Advances in OB-GYN Ultrasound23 Jan - 25 Jan
Exclusively Breast Ultrasound 201523 Jan - 24 Jan
 March 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
RCPE Oncology Course 201523 Mar - 27 Mar