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Listed below are meetings organised by the RCR and external organisations.

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 December 2014To Top
Meeting titleDate
Cardiac CT - Level 1 and 21 Dec - 5 Dec
Trainee in Difficulty (Manchester)2 Dec
3rd Annual Miami Neuro Symposium5 Dec - 6 Dec
National Diagnostic Imaging Symposium 20147 Dec - 11 Dec
Overview and safety of MR contrast agents8 Dec
Ultrasound 20149 Dec - 11 Dec
Radiology Information Systems & PACS9 Dec
State of the art radiotherapy education day10 Dec
San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) Webcasts11 Dec - 13 Dec
Advances in radiotherapy for prostate cancer: from theory to practice12 Dec
MSUS comprehensive course12 Dec - 14 Dec
Radiology Leadership & Management Course14 Dec
UCL MR PET course16 Dec
PET•MRI Workstation Course17 Dec
Radiology interview skills and preparation for ST1 radiology applications20 Dec
Lahore, Pakistan FRCR IIB Preparatory Course23 Dec - 24 Dec
 January 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Anatomy 4 FRCR - Neuro / Head & Neck4 Jan
Radiology interview skills and preparation for ST1 radiology applications10 Jan
6th Annual Coronary CTA in the Emergency Department - A Hands On Workshop10 Jan - 11 Jan
Anatomy 4 FRCR - Cardio-Thoracic / Vascular11 Jan
Supervisor Skills Workshop for Clinical Radiology15 Jan
Paediatric renal imaging16 Jan
FRCR Part 1 Physics Course17 Jan - 18 Jan
Anatomy 4 FRCR - GI / GU18 Jan
Bristol MRI Course19 Jan - 23 Jan
The 3rd MSK Hands-on Ultrasound Course19 Jan - 21 Jan
GE Healthcare - CT Advanced Cardiac Workshop Level II19 Jan - 23 Jan
Bangalore Columbia Asia FRCR 2B Course 201519 Jan - 20 Jan
Bangalore Columbia Asia FRCR 2B Course - 201519 Jan - 20 Jan
Radiology Anatomy Course FRCR 119 Jan - 20 Jan
The spine in health and disease21 Jan
ICISi Masterclass in Imaging of Prostate Cancer22 Jan
4th Cardiff Cadaveric Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Intervention Course (CCUMIC)23 Jan - 24 Jan
Maternal-Fetal Imaging 2015: Advances in OB-GYN Ultrasound23 Jan - 25 Jan
Exclusively Breast Ultrasound 201523 Jan - 24 Jan
Becoming a Consultant23 Jan
ICIS interactive Masterclass in Imaging of Prostate Cancer23 Jan
Physics course for FRCR 124 Jan - 25 Jan
Dr Turnbull International FRCR 2B Course - Chennai24 Jan - 26 Jan
8th annual Rapidology CT Study Day24 Jan
MSK Ultrasound guided injection course24 Jan
Anatomy 4 FRCR - MSK25 Jan
MR2015 Garmisch - 16th International MRI Symposium27 Jan - 31 Jan
Training the Trainers (London)27 Jan - 28 Jan
CT Colonography28 Jan - 30 Jan
Contrast study day and essential physics for FRCR29 Jan - 20 Jan
Head and Neck USS FNA Course30 Jan
2nd Joint Meeting of the ICIS & HKCR - Cancer Management: From Diagnosis to Treatment31 Jan - 1 Feb
Nottingham Part 1 Anatomy Revision course31 Jan
 February 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Nottingham Part 1 Anatomy Revision course1 Feb
MRI - Combined Upper and Lower Limb Interpretation2 Feb - 6 Feb
British Society of Gastro Intestinal & Abdominal Radiology (BSGAR) 17th Annual Meeting4 Feb - 6 Feb
3rd Paediatric Radiology Update for the General Radiologist5 Feb - 6 Feb
Aunt Minnie FRCR 2B Course7 Feb - 8 Feb
Leeds First FRCR Anatomy Revision Course7 Feb - 8 Feb
Spine study day12 Feb
Leicester FRCR Physics & Anatomy Revision Course12 Feb - 14 Feb
Paediatric Ultrasound19 Feb - 20 Feb
Congress19 Feb - 21 Feb
Radiology Review Courses Singapore FRCR 2b Revision Course23 Feb - 24 Feb
British Society for the History of Radiology Annual Lecture23 Feb
GE Healthcare - CT Advanced Cardiac Workshop Level II23 Feb - 27 Feb
Barts and The London FRCR 2B Revision Course26 Feb - 27 Feb
MRI for Radiographers - with clinical lead Jenny Jones26 Feb - 27 Feb
Head and neck imaging refresher conference 201527 Feb
Introductory MSK Ultrasound course28 Feb - 1 Mar
 March 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) Musculoskeletal Ultrasoud1 Mar - 1 Sep
North West Paediatric FRCR 2B Course4 Mar
East Midlands FRCR 2B Revision Course5 Mar - 7 Mar
Introductory MSK Ultrasound Course7 Mar - 8 Mar
Practical Hands - On Ultrasound Course9 Mar - 13 Mar
Hands-On Ultrasound Course9 Mar - 13 Mar
Supervisor Skills Workshops for Clinical Radiology11 Mar
The Fundamentals of Neuroradiology Course 201511 Mar - 13 Mar
Radiology Review Courses - Heart of England FRCR 2B Revision Course Spring 201512 Mar - 13 Mar
Radiology Review Courses - Heart of England Rapid Reporting Course Spring 201514 Mar
Luton and Dunstable FRCR 2b course14 Mar - 15 Mar
2015 First steps in neonatal brain ultrasound:an amazing, adventurous journey16 Mar
2015 Neonatal Ultrasound Course. Why,how and when an ultrasound image?17 Mar - 20 Mar
Realising the potential of Allied Health Professionals: policy priorities, integration and service r17 Mar
11th Imperial OsiriX Masterclass18 Mar
Endocrine imaging study day20 Mar
Royal Free London FRCR 2b Course21 Mar - 22 Mar
SAR 2015 - Annual Scientific Meeting and Educational Course22 Mar - 27 Mar
RCPE Oncology Course 201523 Mar - 27 Mar
Hot topics - emergency day26 Mar
Coventry FRCR 2B Course26 Mar - 27 Mar
Dementia Conference 201526 Mar
Royal Free London Rapid Reporting course28 Mar
FRCR 2B Master Course, Spring 201530 Mar - 31 Mar
 April 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Thirteenth Cambridge Chest Meeting8 Apr - 10 Apr
Interventional Radiology, The Basics.16 Apr - 17 Apr
Chest and Emergency X-ray Interpretation17 Apr - 18 Apr
Advanced Pelvic MRI Course17 Apr - 18 Apr
Supervisor Skills Workshop for Clinical Radiology22 Apr
SBI/ACR Breast Imaging Symposium25 Apr - 28 Apr
 May 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Trainee in Difficulty (London)6 May
Trainee in Difficulty (Edinburgh)11 May
Imaging and clinical management of pancreatic diseases12 May
5th National Conference for Radiology Managers14 May
Society of Radiologists in Training AGM14 May - 15 May
MSK Ultrasound guided injection course16 May
GE Healthcare - CT Advanced Cardiac Workshop—Beyond Level II19 May - 21 May
MSK big joints meeting21 May
Radiology in The Emerald Isle31 May - 4 Jun
 June 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Training the Trainers2 Jun - 3 Jun
Joint Meeting of ESTI and the Fleischner Society 20154 Jun - 6 Jun
Update course in Infant Hip Ultrasound18 Jun
West Dorset Basic Course in Infant Hip Ultrasound19 Jun - 21 Jun
CARS 2015 - Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery - 29th International Congress and Exhibition24 Jun - 27 Jun
MRI - Combined Upper and Lower Limb Interpretation26 Jun - 28 Jun
Oxford Emergency Radiology Course29 Jun - 30 Jun
 July 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Oxford MRI Course1 Jul - 3 Jul
International Workshop on Prostate Multiparametric MRI Reading & MRI-Guided Biopsies6 Jul - 7 Jul
Supervisor Skills Workshop for Clinical Radiology9 Jul
GE Healthcare - CT Cardiac Workshop Level I13 Jul - 17 Jul
 September 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Introductory MSK Ultrasound Course5 Sep - 6 Sep
RCR Annual Scientific Meeting7 Sep - 9 Sep
3T30 Sep
 October 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
MUSoc 20158 Oct - 11 Oct
Supervisor Skills Workshop for Clinical Radiology14 Oct
PET-CT in oncology: a practical update for MDT users15 Oct
MSK Ultrasound guided injection course17 Oct
 November 2015To Top
Meeting titleDate
Hot topics - elective day5 Nov
Chest13 Nov
Thoracic study day13 Nov
The British MRI Course - Auckland23 Nov - 27 Nov
Supervisor Skills Workshop for Clinical Radiology26 Nov