Clinical Oncology

Rohan Williams Medal

Endowed in 1965 by donations in memory of Dr Rohan Williams, the Rohan Williams Medal can be awarded to an outstanding candidate at each sitting of the Final Examination for the Fellowship. The Medal is awarded by the Specialty Training Board based on the recommendation of the Final FRCR Examiners.

List of past medallists

Year Recipient(s)
1966  E H Porter
1967  A J Banks 
1968 M F Spittle 
1969  C H Paine, E J Grosch
1970  J E Freeman, T K Wheeler 
1971  K A El-Ghamrawi 
1972  A J Gray, M L Sutton
1973  C G McKenzie
1974  W G Jones 
1975  A Smith 
1976  V L Hall, G A Lawrence 
1977  J R Yarnold
1978  none awarded 
1979  H H Lucraft
1980  none awarded
1981  none awarded
1982  D S Lamb
1983 I M Peat
1984 D J Radstone
1985 R F Houston, S T J Sham
1986 J S W Stewart
1987 none awarded
1988 S N Powell
1989 M G Bond, S J Whitaker
1990 D J Sebag-Montefiore
1991 A L Zietman
1992 R A Huddart
1993 M P MacManus
1994 P Wells, K J Harrington
1995 C H Blessing
1996 none awarded
1997 A N J Tuft, M Y Luk
1998 A M Stevens
1999 P J Riddle
2000 C J Ferguson, A Ahamad
2001 S G W Russell
2002 A S N Jackson
2003 P Hatfield, J R Hall
2004 H A Kong, L S Pemberton
2005 none awarded
2006 S J Hilman, G C Barnett
2007 C Crowley, P K Koh
2008 A B Law, M W G Scott-Brown
2009  B J Clark, K Tipples
2010 E L Bates, K E Beaton 
2011  R Muirhead, H C Swannie 
2012 L Pettit, S Y D Chow 
2013  C Baldry, H Benghiat, W Y Lai
2014  C A Pembroke